Peregrin Vehicle Shower Enclosure



The Peregrine vehicle shower enclosure is the perfect addition to add some privacy whilst showering or using a portable toilet when out overlanding.

Once mounted it is an easy 2 step set up with adjustable height all the way around.  Weights sewn into the bottom edges help keep the sides from flapping. It has 4 stake points to assist this even further. A full-length zipper in one corner allows easy access and a zippered panel on the back wall allows for access to your hot water system or vehicle.

  • Mounts to your roof rack with a simple L bracket
  • 42 inches long mounting length
  • 41 inch x 41 inch square enclosure
  • Adjustable height
  • Simple to operate 2 arm folding frame
  • Silver lined for extra privacy
  • Access via zippered corner
  • A zippered panel in the rear to allow access to the vehicle shower unit


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