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Overland South

Embrace your inner wanderlust. Go further with Overland South Outdoors. We specialize in making and supplying the best gear to get you Overland ready.  Outfit your truck with a variety of camping packages for an easy camp wherever you go. Still want more freedom? Upgrade your gear with electrical fixtures to make off grid more comfortable for longer. Overland will get you ready to feel at home on the road.

Extended Order Lead Times

Effective Immediately All Camper Packages Production Is Slightly Delayed Due To COVID-19.
We are currently backordered 4 – 6 weeks on TopperLift camper packages, Nomads, and privacy panels.
Material Change Notice – Effective Immediately All Canvas Materials Will No Longer Be Insulated.


Get out there! Overland camper options upgrade your truck from simple transportation to a home on the road.

Camp Extensions

It's time for some elbow room. Upgrade your existing camp setup with camp extensions from Overland. Compact extensions add more living space to your camp setup.


Let there be light! Or fridges, or sound, or internet, or heat... Need we say more? Overland has the electrical hookups to power your camp off grid.


Getting there is only half the battle. Overland has you covered for the rest. We've got the gear any camp needs and a few things you're probably going to want.

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