Installation Tips & Tricks

•  Apply tape to the end of wiring when installing to keep dirt out of connectors.

•  If holes are too small to run connectors through, Drill hole or to remove connector from wire for easier access through small holes

•  Keep actuator close to corners to prevent flexing of topper and to insure control box is within reach.

•  When drilling hole in topper, do your best to drill a straight hole. When Marking hole location, mark in center of bracket hole to allow for adjustment.

•  Check topper alignment, allow 1/4 inch or more clearance for back corners to avoid rubbing.

•  Add topper tape to prevent rubbing of topper on truck. If rubbing occurs loosen bolts and realign the topper and brackets, retighten bolts.

​•  Check tightness of bolts periodically (especially in the first weeks of operation).