Frequently Asked Questions

Ooof. We get this a lot. We do not recommend driving with TopperEZLift in the fully extended position. You can drive with it in an extended position if you are only up 8 inches or less, however we recommend using extreme caution and your best judgment in such a scenario. Not all toppers are created equally and it’s good practice to ensure that your TopperLift is installed correctly and that all hardware is secured properly before driving with it in a raised position.

Nope. While the TopperLift systems work with ANY truck and topper combo, they do NOT work with tonneau covers.

The Weekender Package keeps rain out very well. However in heavy side rain some water can sneak in through the velcro. It is recommended that during heavy, wind-driven downpours, lower the topper to prevent water from entering your truck bed. Totally works.

Oh yes. The quality of the TopperLift insures it will last a life time and the universal design means it can be fitted to many different trucks.