Topperlift Transforms Your Pick-up Into A Camper – Global Overland Article

With an intelligent system and little effort, your pick-up turns into a camper ready to face any trip with comfort and safety.
The kit TopperLift the TopperEZLift is an electrical system (12V) that binds to pop up the rear of the pick-up and turns into a camper.

The TopperLift uses a relatively simple system of canvas walls, insulation and vents with zipper systems, all powered by the 12V battery of the vehicle itself, creating a space large enough to accommodate two people.

It fits in all trucks of medium and large size (by American standards) and can be assembled by the consumer himself at home.

The area of ​​1,5m x 2,45m, creates ample space for the head and feet with the addition of a screen extension that is on the back door of the truck. There is not much space for cooking or lounging indoors, but for two people to sleep is the optimal size, leaving also the option to build a platform below the sleeping space for storage of equipment and items of everyday life.

The company also provides thermal insulation kits for those who want to face more harsh climates. In addition, the TopperEZLift also sells a kit of optional installation tools to make things easier, but the full kit can be installed with just a few basic tools.

The main element of the lifting system itself are two powerful actuators installed on the ceiling and in the pick-up floor, connected directly to the battery and operated by a safety switch and a control box. They can lift 410Kg, and inside the camper there is a ceiling height of up to 1.52m, high enough to squat or sit on the mattress.

The roof of the truck is lifted and the sides of the canvas are pulled up to create an instant structure similar to a tent with a zipper entrance.

With the popularity of pick-ups increasingly high, the TopperEZLift kits certainly attract interest overlanders do not want to build a huge and expensive hard camper in the back of their pick-ups.

Of course, you will not have all the amenities and comforts you would with a full camper, but when it’s just you, the stars, a fire and a comfortable bed, what more do you really need to enjoy?